My interview with Catherine Van Wetter on Authentic Messengers Radio “Writing is not only a way of telling your story, but healing through your story. The impact of sharing your voice with the world is extraordinary, not only for you, but for others as well. Your story is your power, not your weakness. The sum of the things that have happened to you, good and bad, make you who

Dear Allison, It’s me. The one that looks back at you in the mirror. Except that person is now 30 years older, and a lot wiser. We’ve been broken quite a few times, but I won’t get into that now. There are some things you just have to experience for yourself. You’ll face a lot of pain, and a lot of obstacles. Your pieces will shatter and believe me, they

did his laundry today. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. He wasn’t home, and when I walked past his room and saw the pieces scattered on the floor, that caretaker part of me kicked in; it was instinctual. It was a deep-rooted need to take care of him. As I picked it up, piece by piece, I could smell his scent on his clothes. The familiar smell of my child


Aug 2016


I can remember parts of it like it was yesterday. Some parts are still foggy, but I think that’s my coping mechanism. It happened 26 years ago, but some of the scars are as raw as if it happened only a few hours ago. I was a freshman in college, walking home from a party after having a little too much to drink. It was the last party of my


Jul 2016

The Mask I Wear

Depression sucks. Anxiety sucks. Borderline Personality Disorder sucks. And when you’re a woman dealing with all three, life can seem like torture. It’s been so difficult lately to pick up the pieces of myself, when I feel like those pieces have been glued back together so many times that they are unfixable. The pieces have become dust and that dust has flown away somewhere, leaving me with nothing but big

To read my featured post on HuffPo click here! When I was a teenager, like most others, I had zero self-esteem. I suffered from bad acne since I was 10, and that was a source of deep hurt and self-loathing for me. I would stand at my bathroom mirror and put cosmetic after cosmetic on my face to try to cover up the physical imperfections, and somehow try to mask


Jul 2016


Strength     85 Pounds……Me?! About five months ago, I started on a wellness and fitness journey. My hypothyroidism and my depression had led me to a weight of 255 pounds. Yes, really. I had never been much over 150 all my life and then when my thyroid stopped working, the pounds just poured on. When I finally got the speech from my doctor. You know, the one we all