About Me


Where do I start? And how much do I say? I tend to be an open book, so as we begin to renew your voice, you will  learn more about me and how I became empowered to help others.

11903792_10205570676047696_7687581678550628423_nI was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, where I still reside! In fact, I live in the same house I grew up in. I live with my elderly parents, my soul mate and husband Dan, my two amazingly perfect sons, and my sweet puppy Hailey.

My voice has been my drug of choice since I can remember. Whether through writing or speaking. It all began at age 8 when my love for writing poetry started, and continues. In fact, a few years ago, I served a two-year term as Poet Laureate of my hometown.

Earning my BA in English with a Creative Writing concentration, I went to work in the corporate setting doing marketing, healthcare administration, journalism education, and have always done freelance writing on the side. I wrote for regional newspapers and magazines, have been an Editor and Editorial Director for an international publishing company, and recently been featured on the front page online of the Huffington Post!

 My career has allowed me to coach people who wanted to write a book and share their voice. Providing feedback and insight on their writing empowered them to find their authentic voice. That’s when, FINALLY, my true calling became apparent. Yet, the more coaching I did, the more I longed for something else. Something more. The need to help more people in a bigger way.

And so, I became empowered, threw away my doubts, and dedicated my life to helping you heal through your voice. Your voice is such a powerful way to get the bad stuff out, and really discover who you are and what you are meant to be.

Allow your pain to become your strength

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Life has not been a walk in the park. As we begin to bring your voice out we will get to know each other! My life experiences, coupled with my over 25 years of writing experience, makes me a very powerful coach and teacher. And my experience writing, speaking and coaching will allow me to help you find your authentic voice, and empower your life.

Darkness and fear have surrounded my life. I know the fear. The feeling of being invisible, yet knowing that you have something to share can be crippling.

12733535_10206507735473596_7641133301545066229_nThere has been one constant through all of my life, my voice. I have journals upon journals filled with musings, poetry, essays, feelings, etc. It is my therapy. My one true love. Now, after being empowered, I’m bringing that to the world, to you. All of this has helped me pull myself out of the darkness, I am no longer invisible. Now, I want to pay it forward, let the world hear YOUR voice!

My goal is to empower you, let the world hear your authentic voice. Knowing your voice can help others heal this then creates a circle of healing for the world.  Imagine helping someone else get empowered and feel excited through their own voice because of you!

Let’s get started, release that darkness, let the world hear your voice!  Together we can get rid of that Fear gripping you.

Until you accept your darkness, you will never find your light.