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About Us


My name is Allison Saia and I am the owner and founder of Your Truth Publishing.

I swear I was born with a pen in my hand. Writing award-winning poetry since the age of 10, I knew early in life that I was born to be a writer. It wasn’t until college that I discovered the power of story and how using the written word and sharing your stories with others can change lives.

I hold an Honors B.A. in English/Creative Writing and served a two-year term as Poet Laureate of Hanover, PA. I am a published poet and an international best-selling author. My career has taken me in so many directions, including journalism, education, marketing, and publishing. I have been featured in regional newspapers and magazines, have been an Editor and Editorial Director for an international publishing company, and was recently featured on the front page online of the Huffington Post!

 My career has allowed me to coach people who wanted to write a book and share their voice. Providing feedback and insight on their writing empowered them to find their authentic voice. That’s when, FINALLY, my true calling became apparent. Yet, the more coaching I did, the more I longed for something else. Something more. The need to help more people in a bigger way.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their fears and write their books, but I knew it needed to be bigger. I needed to reach people that weren’t just interested in writing a book; it didn’t need to be on that big of a scale. Maybe it was a poem or a short story. Maybe it was a sci-fi tale that they needed to tell. 



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Allow your pain to become your strength

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That is how Your Truth Publishing was born. I kept hearing the words “my truth” in my head as I was thinking about my next steps. And that’s when it hit me. Everyone has their truth. It may not be a memoir. There are pieces of all of us in every story we tell. What if I created a platform where writers could connect with others in a supportive and safe environment. I’m so excited about where this could go and I would love to have you along for the ride!




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Until you accept your darkness, you will never find your light.